On-Wall/Sidemount Speakers

Leon’s Profile Series speakers are custom built to exactly match the height and finish of any TV. Each cabinet features high performance woofers and world class tweeters to provide spectacular sound quality for any sound system.

custom built to match the
exact height of any display.
Each Profile speaker is built to match the height of your TV. Choose from six models, each
with two different configurations, to achieve the perfect audio solution for your space.

Custom Built to Match the Exact Height of any Display

Leon’s Profile Series on-wall speakers are available in two different configurations to
add high-fidelity audio in stereo or as an LCR design for a 5.1 theater applications.

Custom Options
We take great pride in being a completely custom shop. Whether you’re working in boardrooms, classrooms
or suites, any of our audiovisual solutions can be tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Built to your exact specifications BUILT TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS Alter any of the physical dimensions to conform to your needs. Make it ultra-thin or over-sized, powered or passive, with or without camera mounting capabilities.
Finished to perfection FINISHED TO PERFECTION Using advanced color matching techniques, our finishing department can perfectly match any color code, wood stain, or paint sample so that the sound stands out while the speakers blend in.
Engineered with Precision ENGINEERED WITH PRECISION Our team of engineers and designers work with your team to discover a perfect audiovisual solution tailored to your requirements - providing renderings for architects, integrators and your clients.

Made in USA