In-Ceiling Speakers
Custom built to match the exact height and finish of any display,
Profile Speakers can stand alone, be attached to walls, or be
side-mounted to any display for optimal stereo imaging.

Design You Can Show
Off. Or Stow Away.
Convertible to a forward-firing or down-firing position, the
Aaros Series A10UT can be out on display, or easily stowed
away beneath a couch or in a cabinet.

Attention to detail
from start to finish.
Starting with just a paint code or color swatch, Leon’s Detail
surround speakers can be custom painted to match any
wall color or hardwood. At less than 4″ deep, they can be
wall mounted on-wall to disappear into the decor.

Custom Built To
Match Any Space.
With solid billet aluminum baffles and highly specialized
drivers, Leon’s Aaros Series subwoofers are incredibly
compact and offer more tonal balance than traditional large
subs. Available in custom colors, and designed for in-room
and in-wall applications.

Audio, Custom Built
In The USA.
With a wide variety of custom options, Leon can materialize
the vision of any designer. Our finishing department matches
the color of any decor, from the cabinertry to hand-dyed grills
cloths. Leon’s built to order approach offers a level of design
flexibility unequaled in the industry.

“the leon system produced dazzling sound
for such a compact system…the bass was
deep and distortion free.”
-Wired Magazine

“The sound quality of Leon’s Timbre Ultima
bookshelf speakers matches their aesthetics…
They are easy to drive, play effortlessly
and throw a huge soundstage.”