Leon’s line of subwoofers offers uncompromising low end in all shapes and sizes, with refined, musical tonality. Perfectly suited for multipurpose corporate spaces to bigger presentation rooms.


Custom built
to match any space.

With solid billet aluminum baffles and highly specialized drivers, Leon’s Aaros Series subwoofers are incredibly compact and offer more tonal balance than traditional large subs. Available in custom colors, and designed for in-room and in-wall applications.

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Configured for any space
With ultra-thin, in-wall, and powered options, our Aaros Series
subwoofers can be tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Aaros Series Ultra Thin Subwoofer
ULTRA THIN SUBWOOFER The Aaros ACS10-UT ultra-thin subwoofer features a 10″ driver and a solid aluminum cabinet that can be forward-facing or down-firing, completely out of sight.
Aaros Series ACS8-IW Subwoofer
8″ IN-WALL SUBWOOFER Our Aaros ACS8-IW in-wall subwoofer features an 8” driver and a shallow depth cabinet that can fit easily into any standard wall.
Aaros Series ACS8-200 Powered Subwoofer
POWERED 8″ SUBWOOFER This 8” powered subwoofer produces tight, musical bass from a compact enclosure perfectly suitable to round out the bottom end of any system.

“the leon system produced dazzling sound
for such a compact system…the bass was
deep and distortion free.”
-Wired Magazine

Made in USA