In-Ceiling Speakers

Premium in-ceiling speakers with square and circle grills that can be custom painted in-house to match any color. Perfect for distributed audio, surrounds or main speakers in any commercial environment. Available with sealed or open backs and optional 70-volt transformers.

Sound Tailored for any Room

Housed in tuned acoustic suspension cabinets that maintain consistent high-quality sound performance, Axis is perfect for any environment, regardless of the size of the room.

Square or Round Grills to suit any Design

To accommodate a wide variety of design aesthetics, each Axis Series speaker comes with both a round and a square grill which can be custom painted to match any wall color. Featuring 6” drivers and 1” silk-dome tweeters, Axis is the perfect complement to our Horizon or Profile Series speakers to round out a 5- or 7-channel surround sound system.

Expertly Painted for the Perfect Match

Using advanced color matching techniques, our finishing department can perfectly match any color code, wood stain, or paint sample so that the sound stands out while the speakers blend in.

Made in USA