Leon LX

Art is an evolution. A balance of craftsmanship, creativity and vision. This year, we’ve reimagined, redesigned and re-engineered our entire product
line from the ground up.

The next generation 
of custom audio

Our brand has evolved a lot over the years. And almost 20 years later, we’re still evolving—refining our manufacturing and design process, sourcing better components for more articulation and dynamic range, and even re-engineering our bracketry.

With Leon LX, our newest collection of custom audio, we pushed ourselves even further – to come up with a completely coherent design language across our entire product lineup.

Our team of product designers and engineers converged to define that vocabulary, from the broad strokes of the cabinetry design all the way down to the finer details. Through extensive thought, design ideation, and rigorous testing, we’ve come up with just that: a framework that not only unifies our product line with a more sophisticated aesthetic profile, but also delivers better audio performance and easier installation.

The cabinet design is slimmer by up to 25%, the terminal cups have been relocated for better wire management, and the components have been upgraded in every channel to deliver an even better, clearer acoustic signature that we’ve come to be known for throughout the industry.

Change and evolution is what our company is all about. It’s in our DNA, our culture, to constantly refine and improve all aspects of what we do, to keep reinventing ourselves, to keep pushing forward. It’s that passion that guides all the decisions we make, and sets the course for where we’re headed tomorrow.

Welcome to the next generation of custom audio.

Except for
the Sound

Our newest cabinet designs not only have a more sophisticated aesthetic profile, but are also up to 25% slimmer. All without sacrificing performance.

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Best in Class
Components Meet
Best in Class Design

Every one of our new LX Series models has been paired with world-class audio components to produce the kind of authentic sonic clarity that has come to define our sound throughout the industry.

Full Range Sound.
Finely Tuned.

From the epic soundscapes of large scale Hollywood movies to the nuances of classical music and jazz, our crossover circuitry has been optimized to create the fullest range sound in as simple a design as possible.

Handcrafted in the USA