Art with audio, design
with technology

The foundation of our company is built on a commitment to our artistic vision – to mix art with audio, and design with technology. Our custom designed sound sculptures are that vision realized.

Our Process
From design ideation through to engineering and fabrication, we create each of our sound sculptures in our
manufacturing facility in Ann Arbor, MI. We rely extensively on sophisticated modeling software, computer
numerical controlled routing, and the best tools available – our hands.

Design Ideation
DESIGN IDEATION We start with a pencil and paper and our imagination. Our idea of what a sound sculpture can be has taken many forms—and we’ve drawn inspiration from myriad sources–from modern artists like so and so to the mythology of Chinese folklore to how a wave crests on the ocean.
ENGINEERING Coming up with an idea is just the first step of our process. Once an idea has crystallized into a coherent form, we use state of the art computer modeling software to explore how we can translate the idea into physical reality, building scaled prototypes to refine the design into its final form.
FABRICATION We believe the manufacturing process is just as much a part of our artistic process as the products we build. Our sound sculptures represent the confluence of all we stand for – thinking beyond the walls of how art and audio can work together in perfect concert.

“We bring art to audio, thinking beyond
these walls to raise the bar and aspire
to picture perfect sound.”

Case Studies
Our custom sound sculptures can be found all around the world from
high end restaurants and hotel lobbies to designer showrooms.

Café Lena