Custom Audio
Our products are among the finest audio products available on the market.

Horizon Series Soundbars

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UNDERMOUNT/OVERMOUNT SPEAKERS Up to three channels of high-fidelity audio in one cabinet, custom built to match the exact width and finish of any display.
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Profile Series Speakers

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ON-WALL/SIDEMOUNT SPEAKERS On-wall stereo or multi-channel speakers custom built to match the exact height and finish of any display
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Timbre Series Bookshelf Speakers

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BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS Handcrafted, high performance bookshelf speakers available in two different models in any color or solid hardwood.
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Vault Series in-wall speakers

Vault Series logo
IN-WALL SPEAKERS Leon’s high-fidelity Vault Series in-wall speakers are handcrafted in Ann Arbor, MI and are all sonically matched to Leon’s front soundstage speakers.
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Axis Series in-ceiling speakers

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IN-CEILING SPEAKERS Leon’s premium Axis in-ceiling speakers can be custom painted to match any wall color, and ship with both square and circle grills to perfectly integrate into any design.
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Detail Series surround Speakers

Detail Series logo
ON-WALL SURROUND SPEAKERS Thin form factor on-wall or bookshelf surrounds finished to match any color.
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Aaros Series subwoofers

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SUBWOOFERS Leon’s Aaros Series of subwoofers has been designed for in-room and in-wall applications, and includes unique solutions that can be easily placed or hidden away.
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Boundary Series outdoor speakers

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OUTDOOR SPEAKERS Handcrafted weatherproof speakers and powerful amplifiers for up to 12 channels of outdoor audio, available in custom finishes.
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